Traditional At-Need Funeral Services

The funeral service is a way to celebrate the life of a deceased loved one. Often referred to as “closure,” the ceremony affords family and friends the opportunity to honor their loved one and to say good-bye in a formal setting.

In most cases in the traditional funeral service, a time is set for visitation.  During this time friends come to show their love and support to the family members.

Cremation Services

Cremation is another final disposition choice.

A family may choose a traditional funeral  service and then cremation.  Others many choose a memorial service with or without the cremains.

Pre-Planning Services

People pre-plan their funerals for any number of reasons:

  • to make it easier emotionally and financially on their families
  • to make certain their wishes are known and followed out
  • to qualify for Medicaid programs

During the pre-need process, a person may select goods and services, provide information that is necessary in completing a death certificate, provide other details for arrangements, and pay either in full or a portion the funeral cost.

Please contact us at 606-528-5311 to set up an appointment to discuss your pre-planning needs.  We gladly offer evening appointments if needed.